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The individual’s foot is being measured for custom orthotics to ensure a precise fit for comfort and support.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are orthopedic devices that help change and/or control biomechanical insufficiencies throughout the kinetic chain, starting with the client’s base of support.

At Garnet Orthopedic Solutions, we are experts in foot orthotic fitting and fabrication techniques, which allows us to provide the best solution for you.

Whether a custom orthotic, an over-the-counter orthotic, shoe modification, or collaboration with another clinician at The OEV Health Quarters, we strive to find your orthopedic solution.

Orthotic Insoles V.S. Custom Inserts

Custom orthotics are very different from footbeds that come with footwear or over-the-counter orthotics. Insoles, or inserts, are commonly an off-the-shelf product and are typically found in drug stores and other retail stores.

They are designed to cushion your step as you walk and provide shock absorption. Although you may find them comfortable, they are not designed to treat or help prevent biomechanical problems to the extent a custom orthotic can assist with.

The Journey To Comfortable Feet
Step One – The Referral

A prescription from a medical doctor is your first step to take on your journey to comfortable feet.

If you don’t have one, don’t worry!

You can still book an assessment.

Step Two – Initial Assessment

A certified Pedorthist from our team at Garnet Orthopedic Solutions will review your medical history, assess your physical requirements, and determine your lifestyle needs to design the most appropriate orthotic.

Step Three – Foot Casting

A 3D imprint of your foot will be taken with your foot in a corrected position to achieve maximum comfort and alignment.

Every step is taken with care and our Garnet team by your side to make sure everything is smooth.

Step Four – Manufacturing

Following the specifics of the pedorothist’s orthotic design, the orthotic will be manufactured through traditional methods, such as CNC milling.

Additionally, our new 3D SLA printer can complete the manufacturing of insoles in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Step Five – Fitting Appointment

Your custom orthotics are fit to appropriate footwear with consultation on short and long term expectations and outcomes. ​

Our Team at Garnet Orthopedic solutions will meet with you to ensure a quality fit and finish.

Step Six – Breaking In Period

When wearing new orthotics, a break-in period may be need for your body and brain to adjust to the new alignment over a 2 – 4 week period.

Like any change to your body and the mechanics of moving, it will take time for the rest of your body to catch up to your feet.

Step Seven – Follow-Up Appointment

Our staff will follow-up within two weeks of your fitting appointment to ensure proper use, comfort, and outcomes are being achieved.

Step Eight – Review & Maintenance

For any questions regarding maintenance, refurbishment, or desired outcome, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience.

Why Choose US?

Manufactured by licensed Pedorthists educated at Western University in Pedorthics, in good standing with the College of Pedorthics, the Pedorthic Association of Canada and the Pedorthic Footwear Association of Canada, with a combined 30 years experience.

Jeff Lewis, Owner and Certified Pedorthist, is currently studying out sole invention at London University Hospital under Dr. Ted Vasarhelyi (Orthopaedic Surgeon).

The most accurate method of fabricating a custom orthotic. Using Nylon (Polypropylene alternative) or TPU (EVA alternative) we can accommodate almost every client’s individual needs.

Fast, clean, and reduced waste allows a more green alternative to plastic or rubber materials.

Using CNC milling machines to carve out orthotics that were designed and developed by us, we are able to increase turnaround time substantially (within hours if need be).

We are able to modify orthotics digitally, and reduce human error to provide an accurate custom made orthotic for the clients individual needs. A fast alternative to reduce lead times.

Traditional manufacturing is laborious and messy but sometimes the only way to properly meet a client’s needs accurately when they suffer from certain conditions.

All methods of manufacturing require skilled technicians to assemble and shape orthotics prior to being dispensed.

Hand crafted workmanship, from thoroughly trained technicians, ensures a properly constructed and fully warranted product is received by all customers.


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